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Our Services

Advanced industrial devices and instruments become defective over time due to environmental and operational problems and lose their performance. So, the Elecno Group comes to the aid of the industries and fixes the problems by diagnosing and repairing these instruments.

All types of flowmeters:

  • Ultrasonic
  • Turbine
  • Oval Gear
  • Positive Displacement
  • and ...

Flow computers:

  • Floboss S600
  • Flow-X Spirit
  • Elster model 2000
  • Omni3000/6000
  • FH8500
  • FPM207
  • and ...

Inspection Tools:

  • UT Flaw detector
  • Phased array UT
  • Encoders
  • and ...
تعمیرات تخصصی بوردهای الکترونیکی

Industrial electronic boards and cards repair


Designing electronic systems and instruments


Custom electronic/mechanical designs